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Incredible International Painter Use Her Feet To Draw And Paint Not Her Hands

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Being a human being doesn’t make you least among others if you have missing body part like limbs or fingers. You can still live a life you dream or chase your goals and make it to reality. Many influential people became popular in the field of art and music despite of their disabilities. It doesn’t stop them to follow their dreams. Be successful. For instance, Beethoven, a German composer, who is known for his Classical western art music, He remain the most influential of all composers. Today, an aspiring artist arises from the land of Kerala, India. She is Swapna Augustine, 42, born without arms but don’t underestimate his appearance; she can paint a stunning portraits using her feet to hold brush. Her disability never stop her to keep pursuing he dream to paint. She refuse defeat or allow her disability to come in the way of her passion.

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Her impressive paintings were sold in India and abroad. She’s a member of acolytes. Recently, she won awards internationally for her work. Over the years of her artistic work, she won many awards internationally. Behind the story of Swanpa’s life, her father prayed his wife will give birth to a baby without arms, who would be glory to their family’s name. Then after three months, a baby was born where the expectation have been heard from above and named the baby Swanpa, that means “a dream” in their traditional Malayalam dialect. At the age of four, she started writing alphabet using her feet and enrolled in nursery to learn more about writing under the guidance of her teacher, Ayyappan. She went to high school and college before joining the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association (MFPA), an international organization for disabled artists. Despite her lack of arms, Swanpa live a life like a normal person does. However, the big difference is when she move around her house or anywhere she use her feet alone aside from walking. She eat, write, text message and type on keyboard using her feet.

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Swanpa’s career is also a way to makes for living where she earn money from her artworks. She practices her skill for two years at “Kalagramam”, a centre for art and ideas for young artists to harness their talent to form a fine art. As a member of MFPA, she regularly speaks to physically challenges students and inspires them to overcome handicap using creativity.

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