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Despite Armless This Man Plays Incredibly Cricket For His State

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Some people were born lack of body parts such as arm(s), legs, eyes and so on, but in never stop them to live a life happily like a normal people do. Likewise, there is some people are born completely healthy without missing body parts or any complication. But then due to certain accident, few experience loss such as limb or arms. Either it stop them to live a life or must go on. Unusual life event happen unexpectedly, but Amir Hussain Lone, 26 from Janmu and Kashmir state in Northern India, write his own path in behalf without both arms. At the age of 8 he lost his arms because of sudden accident at his father’s sawmill to deliver lunch for his brother in year 1997. The fact he lost his arms doesn’t stop them to give in life and pursue his dreams to play his favorite sport: cricket.

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He played for his state and act as the captain of para-cricket team. He is able to bat bowl where the cricket bats tucked between his chin and shoulder. He can catch out opponents and throw the ball using his feet. Amir bowls his toes using a sweeping leg movement to throw the cricket ball. Not many people could muster the earnest desire and strength of Amir, to do impressive with their life while losing both arms. He needs to come up a unique technique to play the game he love. In TVBarcroft video, he says “I tried lots of techniques in cricket.” He never stop in there. Far from the accident, Amir learned many things in his life. Some people bully him and says he’s useless that you should not put yourself at risk to save him. But few people know what he is capable of.

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He can write, eat, shave, and play cricket. He shared he never imagine to eat and drink using his feet. During his accident, he spent three years in hospital because of extensive injuries. And his father Bashir use all their savings to save Amir’s arms. Ironically Bashir business was making of cricket bats and sell it to help his son’s treatment. Their neighbor used to talk about his son. And used to say Bashir was wasting his money and time for him, that he was no use. But Amir is so dear to his father like any body part to his body, he will give up wealth just to make sure Amir is well.

(h/t): Barcroft TV

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