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An Inspiring Unparalleled Friendship You Could Ever Met

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Whenever, whatever or wherever friendship stays the same. The bond we built with our friends is incomparable to any treasure in this life. True friends are always there, from happiness to sadness and sickness and health just like marriage. Sometimes, friends will gonna laugh at you first before they help you. Isn’t that right? But they didn’t mean to be mean which is the only funny part. There is a lot of special moments we shared to our friends that we cherished until our life ends. Because friends are amazing gift and irreplaceable. The time one of our best buddy need support, help or a shoulder to cry on, we run miles to be there to comfort.

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Meet the incomparable friendship of Jackson Smith and Brian McKenna. They met in 2003 and become best of buddy ever. After college, Jackson went to army and stationed in Afghanistan. While Brian is in States, he made a cut of Jackson in a cardboard and brought it with him on every Mardi Gras he attended. Year 2009 there favorite football team won the Superbowl, Jackson were fighting for his country and Brian went to Saint’s victory ball and dragged his best friend’s cutout. So Jackson would never miss every moment. Brian posted 90 pictures on Facebook of Jackson with people celebrating and the best part was their favorite football player of New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees. It touched Jackson though he was miles apart from his best friend. The depth of their friendship never ends there.


One Sunday night, Jackson received a call from one of their friends who told him about Brian’s accident. Brian went biking and gone over his handle bars which causes broke his third vertebrae of his neck, paralyzing him from shoulders down and requires a ventilator to breath. To lift Brian’s spirit, Jackson made a stunt like his friend did when he was in Afghanistan. One night, on a last practice of New Orleans Saints, Jackson rushes out to get the cutout picture of Brian and search of Drew Brees came down the stands. He explained the reason behind the pictures like the previous Mardi Gras shot with him. He asked for a new picture, this time the cardboard is Brian. When Brian saw the picture via Facebook, it lifts his spirits and boosts his morale. Brina shares, “I have s positive outlook and try to make it fun, as crazy as that sounds, because not having fun, life sucks.” Simple gestures means a lot especially when it came from the bottom of your heart.. Rain or shine friends stay the same.

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