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This Woman Is Armless, But What She Can Do And Achieved Was Definitely Impressive

We are born in this world having our own facial and body features that may be from our father or mother. We are very fortunate being born with complete body parts. Being able to use them however we want. Some of us don’t see the importance of what we have. Others may still complain though they seem to have it all. Why do some people act as if they can’t be contented of what they have? Of what they are?


A woman named Jessica Cox in Arizona was born on the year 1983 with no arms. Born differently abled, the doctors can’t exactly tell why she was born that way. Despite being born with no arms she has lived her life-like a normal person. Many had question whether she would live long but her father had full confidence that she can make it.


Jessica explored the world with her feet and became confident with the support coming from her family. For fourteen years, Cox has danced confidently in her hometown. An incident at school made her to do so. Jessica is also a black belter in the sport Taekwondo. She earned it at the young age of 14.

Cox attended the University of Arizona where she finished a degree in Psychology. Though already having a black belt, Jessica still trained the Taekwondo sport when she has found a Martial Arts club during college. Jessica became the first armless person in the ATA having a black belt.

Jessica becoming the first ever armless pilot was her greatest or her most famous achievement and got her name in the Guinness Book of Records in 2011. After three years of training, Jessica earned her pilot’s certificate on October 10, 2008. The Federal Aviation Administration designed a light sport aircraft ERCO 415-C Ercoupe which Cox’s Pilote Certificate is for.
Aside from these great accomplishments, Cox also knows how to apply makeup using her feet, play the piano, a surfer and a certified SCUBA diver.



Her story is really an inspiring one. Despite of the things she cannot do without having arms, it didn’t stop her in reaching more than what others expect from her.

Jessica now works as a motivational speaker who travels to different parts of the world to share her story and bring inspiration and encouragement to people.

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Photos from jessicacox.com

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