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A Heart-Rending Boy Who Have A Very Sensitive Skin That Unabled Him To Participate In Athletic Sports


In human anatomy, skin is the largest organ of the body. It covers the body from head to foot which a total area of 20 square feet. It cover the muscles, skeletons and other systems of the body underneath which gave shape to them. It protects us from microorganisms and other elements, helps to regulate body temperature and feel sensation like touch, heat and cold. Skin is made up of a cell called melanocytes, which produce melanin. The melanocytes are located in the epidermis. There are numerous skin disorders people suffer ranging from skin allergy to warts.

A good example is a kid Jonathan Pitre, 15, suffering of Epidermolysis bullosa, a rare disease-causing skin to blister easily. Because of his disease it lacks structural protein that connect the upper layer of skin with those below it. The result their skin can simply fall apart. A result of simple or minor stimuli like scratch or heat. He’s been feature to ESPN segment, “The Butterfly Child” sharing his delicate condition that rendering him unable to participate in sports. He is called The Butterfly Child because of his skin so sensitive that cannot be touch like a butterfly break easily. It means 90% of his skin blister and peels as if he had a third degree burns. The condition has no cure. The condition was discovered when Jonathan was a baby. His mom notice a blisters on his hands and didn’t know what caused it.


Jonathan taking a bath wrapped of bandages.
Jonathan-Pitre (1)

His illness could cause him bitter pain like headaches and nausea and often spends nights awake in agony. In behalf of his pain, his mom is always on his side soothing his pain as she wraps him from head to toe in bandages to ensure he doesn’t get infections. Most children would love to play around, but Jonathan could not do the same due to his illness. But it never stop him right there yet he spread his wings. Jonathan is determined as ever to pursue his dream of breaking into the world of professional sports. During his interview on Ottawa Citizen he shared “I may not have the physical ability to become a professional athlete, but I’ve got my voice and its powerul! With my voice, I can be a scout, a coach, a sportscaster. My options are limitless. Great things do not come easily. but they do come when you try with your full heart, when you’re willing and open to embrace life, when you take hings one day at a time and use what you’ve got.” He wanted to inspires people. he is now an ambassador of EB charity Debra and had raised £65,000 to search for a cure of the rare disease. As his illness gets worse left him too vulnerable and confined him to a wheelchair.

CREDITS: Mirror & People

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