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The Beautiful Love Story Of A Man Without Arms And Feet Met His Girl And Married Her

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Sky’s the limit when it comes to love. No Prince Charming and Knight In Shining Armor or Princesses to Nick Vujicic and his wife Kanae Miyahara. As love no boundaries, Nick was born without arms and legs but it never hinder Kanae to fall in love with him. Nick never thought he would find his partner in life, in crime, best friend and most especially a wife for the rest of his life. He’s a motivational speaker in Australia and been invited to several program to inspire people all over the world.


His life story itself inspire people and send forth his courage to share with others. Being a multi-awarded star on his award-winning short film The Butterfly Circus, a director of his own non-profit organization is also successful in marriage. A beautiful love story he has spread out over internet on how he meet Kanae. In an interview Nick says, “I definitely had doubts that I’d ever got married, that I never met anybody who would love to spend the rest life in me.”

The moment he laid eyes on Kanae, he fell in love with her. And Kanae fell in love with him the way he is now. Before Kanae met Nick, she dated many men but became tired. The moment she met Nick, she looked at him not as a boyfriend but a husband material. They first met last 2008, and Kanae was impressed by his generosity and good humor. Appearance is only a plus factor in relationship. Each one of us had our own ideal man and woman but when love hits you, you fell hard and deep. Unexplainable and no words can compare to describe the feeling of being in love. Today, the couple having a two children. Cherish every moment with them.

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