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Awkward Moment Of Men Try To Wear Make-up For One Week And Discover Their Outragious Reactions

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Define awkward in your own description. A group of men in BuzzFeed staff tried to wear makeup for a whole one week in and out of work. They are straight men would put on makeup and see what their look. Few men favor makeup and others don’t. I ask some men randomly “Women with makeup or not?,” half stated to like their women to wear makeup depends on occasion and some just love to stay simple. Each has its own opinion about makeup and let’s experiment guys will wear them and hear their comment.

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To men going to work with a simple and proper clothes and clean face plus hair is already perfect. No fuss no frill, simple as that. Nevertheless, to women have various rituals before off to work for instance long hours under the shower, choosing a dress for the day, drying hair, applying body lotions and moisturizers lastly, “the terrible make up” that will pair the perfect outfit. But what would happen if men try to do this experiment in one week? A related article published on Buzzfeed, the staff approached a guy to wear makeup. The guy have 13 tattoos, constantly change his hairstyle and love to dress in a uniform of boots, jeans and a button-up shirts which makes him confident no matter he look. All throughout the week have a series of additional makeover happen.

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At day one his eyes were made to appear elongated and darken his lashes with mascara. Which was insane he said. Nobody recognizes his eyes and went to men’s room to look at his face. Telling himself, “How does nobody notice this? My eyelashes look like black thorns sprouting from my eyelids; the contrast makes my irises glow an unfamiliar bright green. The area around my eyes seems smooth and featureless – weirdly, all i can think is that i look like an American Girl doll.” Very unusual right? Men love tattoo, pierced earring and hair dye, the things men love to do but not the art of makeup. Make up is for ladies and drag queens but not to them. Being a man is the normal things to them not this frilly painting of faces.

(h/t:) BuzzFeed

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