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Outrageous Reactions Of Men Trying To Do Each Other’s Eyebrows

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How do you groom your eyebrow? Usually women groomed eyebrows through plucking, trimming, shaving, threading and waxing. It is a tricky fashion to women where it requires expertise to shape equally both brows. Others aren’t gifted of bushy brow instead using brow enhancer or make up tools to make it darker and perfect. It is given women grooming eyebrows but how about men? In this video clip, men are trying to do each other’s eyebrows and gather hilarious reactions.

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Let’s get this party started. For the first time, this group of men will try to do their eyebrow using waxing, plucking, trimming and threading. They won’t just shave their hairy armpit but as well as brows. At first surely it is painful and they oath unearthly word that brought laughter. Some scared and terrifies fleeking their brows and would never ever do it again they said. Now they know how women are trying to do with their brows in a long period of time just to trim or pluck to beautify themselves.

Though it’s a bit fun but more painful if each strands of their eyebrows were plucked out. Don’t you think? One guy could lift his buttocks on the chair to run and got a very big surprise in his life: Eyebrow Plucking. Hooray! 🙂

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