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Funniest Prank On Addictive Of Flappy Bird Game

The trivial “flappy bird” went popular year 2013-2014. People got addictive from first try because they are challenged of the game. It was developed by a Vietnamese Nguyen Ha Dong that was published by GEARS Studios. This side-scroller game freaked gamers in controlling the flying bird between rows.

In this video, JC prank his friend Ahmed that in every game over of Flappy Bird he will eat one “Red Hot Chili Peppers” and every time he will get three points,t JC will eat one. Also if Ahmed get 10 point in ten minutes he will borrow JC’s Xbox for one month. But little did Ahmed know that JC prepared more hottest chili peppers that came from Canada when he visit their. Check out Ahmed’s facial expression on the final scene.

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