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Does Going Around Improves Dog’s Sleep?

Dogs would usually go in circle before they sleep. Does it improves their slumber time?

Dogs are considered as the animals that are close to human beings. They are even tagged as man’s best friend as they can go very affectionate to human.

Further, several reports across the world have proved dogs saving humans ranging from mere emotional breakdown up to times of real danger.

These creatures are simply branded as intelligent animals. Humans can get along well with them but there is really something that seems unexplainable about them.

Have you ever noticed that dogs would go around in circles before they would finally hit the sack?

May it be in dogs which are high breeds or the ones we label as housedogs, every dog would really go around before sleeping.

The author of “If You Tame Me: Understanding Our Connection With Animals”, Leslie Irvine, has an answer to this.

According to her, it is the dog’s way of securing its sleeping area before it finally closes its eyes. She referred it as a behavior that dogs normally possess since time immemorial.

She recognized the change in the dog’s environment as she noted the fact that before there were no doggy beds and pillows unlike now.

Irvin stressed that dogs have to go around the place as a way of preparing their sleeping area. Dogs in the wild go in circles to secure the place from snakes or large insects that might bite them when they are sleeping.

Further, she shared what she had heard that the act flattens the area which serves as a signal. A flattened area signals that it has already been owned or claimed.

These explanation clearly show that certain dog behaviors won’t vanish even with the change in time or environmental setting.

Dogs will always possess what it is ought to possess – still, it’s man’s best friend.

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