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This Towel Trick Will Help You Get Rid Of Headache Instantly

Headache is a pain in any region of the head a neck that may vary from mild to serious ones. This is one discomfort that no one wants to last. Some prescribed medications might help but if you are not a pill fan, here is a very effective remedy that you might want to try.


This is called the Towel Trick which includes the use of a towel for a gentle massage to ease headache. See the steps below to know how to do it.

1. Roll your towel tightly like a spiral.
2. Hold it as tight as you can between your two hands and place the towel behind your head.
3. Rub the towel up and down your head and neck for three minutes. (Focus on areas where pain is worse)

In some cases, the first try may not ease your headache but give yourself a few time and after ten minutes, give the trick a try again.

This self-massage will give you maximum benefits, not only getting rid of headache, but also improving your blood flow in the entire head region.

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(h/t: positivemed.com)

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