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Treat Sore Throat With These Teas

Most of you already know how tea can improve your skin and help keep you fit and trim, but did you know that it also does more than that?

Tea has been around for millenia. Through that time, the Chinese have drunk it for everything from hangover prevention to weight control and common cold reduction. Now, modern scientific research has given us a much better insight into how tea improves health and to what benefit.


There are different physical conditions that are not exactly ailments, but act as precursors to more serious health problems when left unattended. One such example is a ‘sore throat’. It is caused when the pharynx the tube stretching to the oesophagus from the end of your mouth becomes inflamed. It can be rather painful and makes swallowing food rather tedious. A sore throat can persist for a couple of days or more, based on the root cause and actions taken by the victims.

Causes of Sore Throat:

Acid reflux
Excessive smoking
Bacterial infections
Viral infections
Irritants and allergens in air
Food sensitivity

There are many ways to treat a sore throat. Normally, the first step for treating a sore throat would be to consult a doctor or opt for OTC medications. However, it makes more sense to switch for herbal and household remedies to get relief from a sore throat. Given the fact that it does not lead to serious complications in most cases, you can try drinking various types of teas to soothe a sore throat. It is common knowledge that gulping down warm beverages offers some relief to your throat.

Here are some of the teas you can try that can help relieve a sore throat:

Cinnamon Tea


Russian Tea


Ginger Tea


Honey And Lemon Tea


Peppermint Tea


Green Tea


Turmeric Tea


Licorice Tea



While using them for making tea, keep the following aspects in mind.

  1. You may be allergic to certain herbs like licorice or mint. In such cases, avoid making tea with those herbs to treat a sore throat. You may be unaware of such allergies and if symptoms like skin rashes appear after drinking any tea, discontinue usage.
  2. Herbs like ginger and turmeric may interact with specific types of medications including blood thinners and some NSAID class drugs. If you are taking any such medications, it will be a wise idea to talk with your doctor first. The doctor may either advise you regarding a safe type of tea or change the existing medications.
  3. Do not go overboard with drinking tea made with turmeric or ginger. Doing so can lead to stomach and digestion issues along with other side effects.

If drinking herbal and spice infused teas do not bring relief from a sore throat, you should see a doctor to find out the underlying cause.


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