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Maintain A Healthy And Positive Life With These Essential Oils

In this busy life every one of us encounters, it cannot be avoided that sometimes, we get sick or feel a little under the weather. It is normal because it is an effect of what we are doing, and also can be caused by what we eat or the pollution we get around us.


The advanced world we are in right now, requires our full attention especially at work and school. It expects us to do more and be competitive. These advancement don’t just happen easily. It is made possible by all the hard work and sweat of the people who aims for development and progress.


Being busy can lead to lack of sleep or the ability to take care of our own self, resulting to different minor illness or sickness we experience like, headaches, insomnia or having low energy.


Aside from the foods we eat, there is also another way on how to relieve these minor sickness. Instead of taking those medications that can cause you problems later on, try sniffing essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from plats through the process of distillation. Many of them are used for the manufacturing of different perfumes and some for flavoring foods.


Below is a short list of some of the essential oils and the benefits they offer:




Make yourself calm and focused when feeling anxious or jumpy by taking a whiff of anise essential oil. Just close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths.




Improve your mood with this essential oil. Bergamot oil is known to help manage depression with its smell, making your day brighter. Whenever you’re feeling a little blue, reach for a small bottle of this oil.




Chamomile is known to help deal with insomnia. So whenever you’re having a hard time getting yourself to sleep, take chamomile tea. But if this doesn’t help, you can simply open a bottle and sniff its lovely scent.




Cardamon is known to have same effects as caffeine. It is a nervous system stimulant that can boost your energy, whenever you feel sleepy but still got lots of things to do. Take a whiff of cardamom oil and feel energized.




Like cardamom oil, cinnamon can also help stimulate your nervous system. Take a whiff of ths essential oil that is also known as “brain tonic” as it can promote brain activity.




It is widely known as an insect repellant and an effective mood booster. Whenever you’re feeling a little low, simply grab a bottle of this and enjoy its floral smell.




Ginger oil can help heal swollen and painful joints due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Also smelling it can help relieve headache.




The pleasing scent of this essential oil can help combat depression as well as anxiety.  It can also help your body and mind relax before hitting the sack.




Instead of using a sleeping pill, use this instead. It is also known to be very good against terrible headache.


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