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Here Are Some Smoothies That Can Help You Lose Weight

We all have our own preferences when it comes to the kind of drink and taste of food we intake and most people prefers to choose meat over vegetables and soda instead of water. It is a common dietary problem in most of the people in the society today and by that the risk of eating an unbalanced meal may lead to serious health problems.

There may be also benefits from eating meat but eating excessive amounts of it without eating much vegetable and fruits or not even eating vegetable at all can be bad for our health and leads to gaining weight. For you to be healthy, you must have a complete and balanced meal diet. Eating fruits and vegetables are important in healthy eating because it provides your body source of many nutrients which some cannot be acquired from all the meat you eat.

Some of you enjoys having smoothies. It is mainly made of fruits and vegetables mixed and blended together and create a perfect smoothie that can also have a lot of health benefits. But not all smoothies are said to help you lose that excess body weight.

Here are some suggested smoothies that can help you lose weight

The ingredients for this are banana, hemp powder, leaves from kale, lemon, cucumber as well as pears. Mix and blend them together and refrigerate before you consume it. You can incorporate another food in case it lacks taste or flavor. It is rich in fiber essential that helps eliminate toxins in the body.

Primary ingredient in this kind of smoothie are avocado and spinach. Grapes can be added on to have the drink a sweet taste. This smoothie is a great source of fiber.

When we say weight loss smoothies, it is commonly viewed as something green but you have to know that weight loss smoothies doesn’t have to come in green color. This smoothie is a mixture of blended ginger, oats, yogurt that can also be mixed with berries.



Main ingredients of this are papaya and cucumber. The combination of these to helps in de-bloating your system and flattening your stomach.

Take out spots inside glass

Take out spots inside glass

A mixture of mango, water and spirulina. This smoothie leaves you with a pampered feeling. Spirulina ensures that your body gets much iron needed and water makes the smoothie go down your gut smoothly.

A combination of grapes and oranges that gives you a great source of nutrients plus when added with spinach that is rich in antioxidants that boosts energy levels in the body.

The secret of this smoothie is the hemp powder which offers essential proteins making you feel full. This is a mixture of blended bananas, hemp and kales. Best if consumed during breakfast.

Two glasses of blueberry smoothie on blue colored wooden table

Two glasses of blueberry smoothie on blue colored wooden table

Not to be added with ice because ice leads to the clamping of the blood vessels. It is normally blended with milk or yogurt.

Green colored smoothies contains fiber that makes you feel full that can last for a whole day and can also help in your metabolism.

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