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Our Brain Makes Common Thinking Mistakes! See If It Applies To You


Often, we wonder why we do this and that and sometimes we tend to blame our brains for deciding so. Here are the common mistakes that our brains used to commit.

Brain Makes Common Mistakes
  • We only surround ourselves with the things that matches our beliefs. This is one of our subconscious manners. We seclude ourselves to other idea that we think is against ours. Well, it is unhealthy obviously. Opening yourself to other perspective is not a bad thing. So you may try listening to other’s views after this.
  • We are anxious of the things we already lost. Holding on to your losses? It will cause no good. It’s totally fine to once and a while remember our lessons yet, being anxious to such will grant no benefit. try to face what’s ahead and keep moving!
  • We take 20 steps ahead of things. You might have undergone making decision but before you commit on something, you already refuse to think of it. That is extremely because, you think 20 steps ahead of thing! It would only cause too much fear.
  • We believe more than our memories than facts. You tend to follow alternative medications that you thought have helped you in the past and you refuse to listen based on facts. Yes, our experiences might have brought us great learning, it might be on your principles or beliefs, but it is always recommended to check on facts.

Remember that you are the master of your own self. Try to open your mind on new perspectives and see the difference!



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