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Cleanse Your Lungs And Avoid Chest Congestion By Doing This Trick

Our lungs are among the most important part of our respiratory system. They play a big role in getting oxygen from the air that we take in. When our lungs are not at their best state, they may affect some systems in our body.

One effect of our lungs’ improper function is chest congestion. One may suffer difficulty in breathing due to obstructed air passages. If you live in a polluted environment, you are more prone to this. So here are ways for you to cleanse your lungs and avoid chest congestions.

One best way to cleanse your lungs is by using peppermint. Inhaling peppermint is proven to clean your air passages and can lighten up your mood and improve your cognitive abilities. The menthol aroma cleanses and purifies and help ward of germs and toxins.
Inhaling peppermint oils or steam will also help get rid of the following:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Respiratory Concerns
Colds and bronchitis
Sinus and allergy problems

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(h/t: positivemed.com)

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