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Avoid Sickness With These Immune Boosting Foods

Being sick is inevitable. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Exposure to germs and viruses cannot be avoided but being sick can be prevented.

At some point in our lives we tend to get sick. And it doesn’t mean that once we get sick, we wouldn’t experience it again. The best thing we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick is by good proper hygiene, exercising and any activities that will make our body strong.

Being healthy isn’t as easy as one two-three. You really need to make an effort and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Usually, people thinks that preventing sickness can only be made by having a proper exercise and good hygiene but little do they know that the food they eat can also be a big factor to staying healthy and avoiding sickness.

People has their own definition of the word healthy. Some have defined it based on advice from family or health pro’s while others may have formed their definition based on speculations.

Our immune system is the foundation of our health. And keeping our immune system strong would make us healthy and prevent us from constantly being sick.

When sick, we take medicines to make us feel better, but the longer you do this, it will have a negative effect on your body.

Here are some foods that will boost your immune system naturally.



Mushrooms contains substantial amounts of fiber, protein, calcium and vitamin B that are a great help in boosting the immune system. Beta glucans being feed off by the immune system, are powerful compounds that enhance immunity as Echinacea.



Garlic is a natural alternative to synthetic antibiotics. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and is one of the best immune-boosting foods out there.



Aside from its amazing taste, cinnamon also serves an amazing purpose. It lowers blood sugar and removes toxins from the body as well as an antimicrobial agent that has been found to eliminate e-coli and other bacteria.



Broccoli is known to be a natural detoxifier. It contains amino acids and choline that helps to maintain a healthy gut. It is a good immune boosting food because it is also high in Vitamin C.



Yogurt contains vitamin D and probiotics which helps in boosting the immune system. It is advised to consume the unflavored one.



Though it may be small in size, the nutrients you could get from this fruit is great. It is high in antioxidants compared to other fruits.



Avocados contain essential fatty acids like Vitamin A and E. It also contains lycopene which is an antioxidant that fights off free radicals.



Spinach boosts immune system by containing folic acid and Vitamin C. It has also been said to be a great source of potassium and magnesium that keeps the body hydrated and energy levels balanced.

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