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Girl Or Boy? Here’s How You Predict Or Choose Your Baby’s Gender

Prior to any ultrasound, some already have the knowledge on how to know if the baby inside a woman’s womb is a girl or a boy. They are basing those predictions in the mother’s appearance, the bulging shape, and even through food cravings.

But what is totally surprising is that, you can not only predict but you can also choose the gender of your baby, and that is possible by using scientific methods or the Legendary Chinese calendar.

And if you are one of those who are so excited about knowing your baby’s gender or you want to have a girl or a boy, the infographic below might help you out.


To know more about the Chinese Calendar and to know how to use it, watch the video below:

It might be great to predetermine or to choose your baby’s gender, but what is more important is that the baby is born healthy and we must love them wholeheartedly because they are blessings and that they are the best thing that ever happened to us.

(h/t: whatsupfagans.com)

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