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He Poured The Soda Into The Clothes And You’ve Got To See What Happens Next

Coca cola seems to be everyone’s favorite refreshing drink. Its soothing taste, especially when chilled, makes your taste buds celebrate. But did you know that your favorite drink can be more than that? Aside from giving you refreshment, this can also give you much convenience in dong your laundry.

Got an oily and greasy shirt? Don’t worry because Coca Cola will save the day! Simply place your greasy clothes into a container and pour Coca Cola into it, then soak for a few minutes and, Voila! Your clothes are as good as new! Watch the video below for the demo.

So if you don’t like drinking cola because you fear about its effect to your health, don’t just let it sit in the fridge and put it into good use!
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(video source: The MeCanX Shop)

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