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Here Are 6 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Eat Eggplants

Eggplants can be described as a dark purple, glossy, and looks like a tear that’s about to drop. Eggplants are known to be aubergines in places which they are more popular.

It has a unique taste and texture that is available in the markets all year round but can be harvested in great amounts during the months of August to October.


Eggplants grow in a manner like those of the tomatoes, hanging from vines of a several feet high plant. It has different varieties that may vary in taste and texture.

What comes to people’s mind when talking about eggplant, is its purple color. But it varies in different shapes and colors, from small, oblong, long, skinny and from shades of white t purple green.


The first appearance of eggplants are said to be in Europe in the 14th century. Choosing an eggplant, you must always remember that it should be firm and not too large. Eggplants which are smaller is less likely to be bitter and will appear to have fewer seeds. The skin should be shiny and smooth, and their color should be vivid. Choose also those which doesn’t have any discoloration, scars and bruises which usually indicate that the flesh may be damaged or decayed.

Here are some of the health benefits you can get from eggplants:


Chlorogenic acid that is known to decrease bad cholesterol is present I eggplants. It contains a significant amount of chlorogenic acid that serves as an anti0-viral, anti-carcinogenic and anti-microbial agent.


Eggplants contains nasunin that is known to be a powerful antioxidant, protecting the lipids comprising cell membranes in the brain cells from radical damage. According to research, anthocyanin promotes the blood flow to the brain and inhibit neuro-inflammation. This helps in the prevention of age-related mental disorders and also helps boost your memory.

[email protected] PREVENTION

This vegetable contains polyphenols which have been known to have [email protected] effects. The chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins works as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. It protects the body against damage that can be caused by free radicals, which can also prevent tumor growth of [email protected] cells.


Eggplants are used for managing and controlling diabetes due to its low soluble carbohydrate and fiber content.


This vegetable is loaded with different vitamins and minerals such as potassium, fiber, vitamin B-66, vitamin C and phytonutrients which supports heart health. The consumption of foods containing flavonoids is known to lower the risk of heart diseases. According to research, it has also been found out that an increased intake of anthocyanins can lower blood pressure.


Eggplants contains dietary fiber which are important factors in weight loss and management by functioning as bulking agents in the digestive system. It is also a great help in reducing your appetite making you feel fuller for a long time and minimizing your calorie intake.

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