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Healthy Reasons Revealed! Why You Should Eat Black Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds may be small in size, but the health benefits it can give you is exceptional. Sesame seeds are usually being added on our favorite pastries or dishes, adding a nutty taste and crunch to the food we eat.


Sesame seeds are the oldest condiment known to man. They are highly valued for their oil which is exceptionally resistant to food spoilage. Sesamun Indicum is the scientific name for sesame seeds.


There are three types of sesame seeds. There’s the white sesame seeds, the black and the golden or brown sesame seeds. Despite the difference of its color, its nutritional value is almost the same. But their flavor, color and other characteristics are slightly different.


In here, we will be focusing more on the health benefits of the black sesame seeds. Black sesame seeds are powerful agents in promoting health and anti-aging.


Black sesame seeds has a strong aroma and rich flavor which are recommended to use in marinades using vegetables with strong aromas. It is known to be good in nourishing the kidneys and liver, while the white ones are good for moisturizing the skin.


Black sesame seeds contains melanin and sesamin which is used in treating gray hair, hair loss, helps in weight loss, keeps blood sugar levels normal and improves fertility.


Aside from that, black sesame seeds are known to be an excellent source of magnesium and calcium. One fourth cup serving provides 126mg of magnesium or equivalent to 32 percent of the recommended daily value and mg of calcium. These minerals are important because it helps in regulating blood pressure and reducing the development of migraine headaches.


Below is a short list of the other benefits you can get from black sesame seeds:




Contains high iron content compared to its other varieties which is highly recommended for individuals suffering from anemia.



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Black sesame seeds are loaded with iron and B vitamins, which helps prevent hearing loss, premature graying of hair and poor memory which is a result if you don’t get enough of this minerals.




Sesame seeds can be considered as a great source of magnesium, phosphorous and calcium which are important in bone forming. Consuming just a tablespoon of unhulled seeds is more than a glass of milk. It is also rich in zinc content which increases bone mineral density.



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It contains substance such as sesamolin and sesamin which helps lower cholesterol levels. Also magnesium, which helps reduce blood pressure which is equal to better heart health.




Maintaining a healthy liver can be achieved by the help of sesame seeds. It contains antioxidants which help protect the liver from oxidative damage.




The oil present in the seed helps lubricate the intestines which can be a simple relief for constipation. While the fiber provides a smooth passage for your bowel-contents through the digestive system.



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