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Trust Exercises To Boost Your Friendship


“No man is an island” that is what the famous quotation says and I believe that this is accurate. Are you with me or do you think otherwise? Well I strongly believe that we all need someone. Regardless of your attitude and your behavior. It doesn’t really matter if you are the most hated man on Earth, trust me there’s got to be one confidant that’s very close to your heart. Just like in the movies, even the most evil villain has its own sidekick and this proves the theory that no one can live alone.

I believe that once we found that person who will love us and accept us regardless of our flaws, we need to take good care of them for once they are gone, replacing them is very much impossible.

The video above shows some trust exercises that you and your friends might want to try in order for your friendship to bloom and last.

Source Credit: Good Mythical Morning
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