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First Night Effect

Have you ever experienced having trouble sleeping every time you are in a new place?

Admit it. There are times that you really have a hard time falling asleep not because you’re thinking about something or you just drank something that causes you insomnia but due to the fact that you are sleeping in a new place.

Often times, people who believed in some unexplainable things like you should not sleep in parallel with the way the ceiling is constructed would check on the ceiling area for some reasons blaming the sleeping position and changing it.

But to Science, finding it hard to sleep in a new environment brings along with it a different reason. According to a recent study conducted, one half of your brain stays more awake than the other that is why one will experience trouble sleeping.

There were thirty-five people who were set as the subjects of the study conducted. The researchers monitored their brain activity as they spend the nights sleeping in a sleep laboratory.

Brain-imaging techniques were used. The other part of the brain’s hemisphere seems to be more active as found by the researchers.

According to the researchers, it is a sort of defense or survival strategy that a part of the brain is more active than the other so one can easily wake up.

It is the left part of the hemisphere of the brain which serves as the vigilant guard. The researchers even branded it as the ‘night watch’.

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