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Fast Food = Harmful Chemicals

Are you fond of eating fast food? If yes, do you know the secret ingredient that might be present in it? Otherwise, read and continue your healthy living advocacy.

Fast Food Chains are congested in downtowns and food corners nowadays. Buying food is never a problem anymore as the chains have left and right offers.

Due to hectic schedules, people tend to have very little time to cook their food.

Going to the market and buying the needed ingredients plus the actual time it would take to cook the food is already a big deduction in most individual’s time.

To get rid of the time issue, most resort to the easiest and fastest solution – buying their food in fast food chains. No need to go to the market, no need to cook. The food comes instantly.

But does everyone know about the hidden ingredient that might be secretly mixing with the fast food’s taste?

According to a recent study, people who are fond of eating food from fast food chains might as well are taking in to their body a harmful chemical.

Experts said that another reason that people should go away with the fast food habit is the possibility of the presence of phthalates in the body.

Phthalates is a chemical used in plastics that could percolate into the food.

To prove, 8,800 people were gathered as participants of the study. There was a national survey which they’re asked to participate into.

Further, their personal information regarding their diet were also gathered by the researchers.

To look for the breakdown products of phthalates, the researchers asked the participants to submit their urine samples to be analyzed.

Compared to the people who have not eaten fast food in the past days, those who have eaten fast food are 24-40 percent higher with regards to the presence of phthalate metabolites.

Dr. Kenneth Spaeth, chief of occupational and environmental medicine at Northwell Health, said that the finding is concerning.

According to him, it could bring harmful adverse effects to the body which includes reproductive health problems in adults and lower intelligent quotient for the young ones.

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