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Bad Effects Of Working With A Computer For Too Long

Technology these days are improving faster than we could ever imagine. These advancement in technology helps people live an easy life and bring people together virtually through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everything we look for is easily accessed in just a single snap.


Computers have been a great help to people in exchanging information all around the globe. Great discoveries in all industries have been made with the use of computers designed to do so. In education, it has been also said that computers are now being used by different levels as a way of teaching. With the access of the internet, students would be able to see things and reach remote places all in one with just a click but of course with the guidance of the teacher.


Today computer plays a great role in people’s lives. It not only makes life and communication easier but it also gives a living to most of the people right now. The BPO industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world and an emerging industry in the Philippines. People engage in this kind of work because it is one of those high paying jobs which won’t require you to be a degree holder.

In spite of the great works and uses of the computer in our lives, there are also disadvantages of it. One of the effects of it is to your body.

Here are some of the bad effects when you stay too long in front of a computer.

Sitting in front of the computer, TV or even when you are just reading a book, too much could lead to some serious health problem. It affects the circulation of the blood and creates stress to your back. More likely sitting too long makes you eat and drink stuff that isn’t healthy making you gain weight. It is perfectly normal to sit but doing it for too long isn’t good. Take a break and try some stretching.

Doing anything habitual can have bad effects to you. Normally, sitting too long in front of the computer makes us have a bad posture. Consequences associated with it are back, shoulder and neck pain resulting to terrible headaches. Take a break and stretch. Massage your back and neck.

Bright colors of the computer screen can lead to eye fatigue or strain your eyes that may lead to headaches. Blurred vision, itching, tearing and burning when exposed too long. Use a sufficient quality display size. You also should keep blinking and don’t let your eyes be near the display. You should keep at least an arm length.

We all know that working on a computer requires our focus. Spending less much time interact with people especially when you work on long hours. This can sometimes lead to isolation, anxiety and even depression. In addition to stretching, during breaks, seek out social interactions. Eat with colleagues and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Computers are a great help to us. But we shouldn’t forget to take care of ourselves.

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