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Microcephaly: Zika Virus Does Cause

Recently, it has been reported that Zika virus can cause microcephaly.

From the New Latin microcephalia, microcephaly is a condition of abnormal smallness of the head usually associated with mental defects according to Merriam.

This condition could either be already present at birth or could start developing in the first few years of life of an individual.

With regards to its causes, a new report in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that an insect bite could cause microcephaly.

According to the report published on the 13th of April this year, a Zika virus can be a cause of this condition which results to an infant having abnormally small head and brain.

Zika virus can be taken from mosquito bites. An insect named Aedes aegypti mosquito is said to be a carrier of the Zika virus.

Aedes aegypti

The report from researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stressed that when a pregnant mother gets a mosquito bite from Aedes aegypti, there is a probability that the infant will be micro cephalic.

If not micro cephalic, the infant can acquire other congenital problems. To prove further, the researchers noted on the report the link between Zika virus and microcephaly.

A scientific criteria was made and used by the researchers to distinguish if there is a direct relationship between the two subjects linked.

According to the report, no single study was found to have really proved the direct link between getting bitten by an Aedes aegypti to having an infant with microcephaly upon birth.

Researchers considered in the report that if all factors will be taken as a whole, there could be a link between the two. Cause-and-effect is present if the whole picture will be viewed, but considering it line-by-line, it goes out from the point that Zika virus causes microcephaly.

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