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Do You Love Listening To Music? Here Are The Amazing Benefits Of Listening To Music

Music has been a part of every people living in this world’s life. From the day when you were born down till your last breath music is present. The cry you made sounded music to your mother’s ear, making unexplained feeling of happiness. The sound of air, rustling of the leaves, barking of dogs, lullabies, all can have its effects on our mind.

For some, music is life. That living without it is like living for nothing. Music has been a part of every chapter in our lives. In every mood and every occasion, music will always be there. Living these days, we all probably have an electronic device fully loaded with hundreds and even thousands of songs. Filling your ears with songs any time of the day that suits your mood.

All these we know about music. But do you know of how it affects us in a way we may never have noticed?

Young woman enjoying music on headphones

According to some research, music improves our mental well-being in many brilliantly surprising ways. It is proven that every time you listen to music, your brain releases a “feel-good” neurotransmitter called dopamine. In a test made by Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University, a PET scan showed that huge amount of dopamine is being released when eight music lovers injected with radioactive substance that binds with dopamine receptors listened to their favorite music. It is biologically the reason why we feel emotions such as happiness, excitement and joy.

Cropped shot of two young athletes running while listening to music

Ever wonder why most runners prefers to run with music? It is because music enhances their running performance. This happens because it can drown out the brain’s cries of fatigue. Music becomes a motivation depending on what genre you listen.

Office worker listening to music at workplace

Want to relax after a long and tiring day at work or school? Listen to music. The music you enjoy decreases the levels of stress hormone cortisol in your body which counteracts the effects of stress. An important finding shows that 60% of all our body illnesses and disease is caused by stress. That is why it is important to release the tension or stress by relaxing after a hard day’s work.

Closeup of a relaxed young man resting at home listening to peaceful music

Having difficulty in sleeping is very common these days. A study shows that music can help you have that much better sleep. Try listening to classical music 45 minutes before you sleep and see the difference when you don’t.

So you see, music has different effects on us. Regardless of what the genre of music is, it will always have a positive effect. Others say that music is their escape or for someone it is a way to express their feelings.

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