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Know What Star Fruit Can Do To Your Health

Are you familiar with the star fruit? It is called star fruit because it literally looks like a star when cut into pieces. Starfruit or carambola is a fruit, native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


The star fruit is entirely edible, including the skin. Its flesh is crunchy, firm, and extremely juicy. Ripe starfruits are sweet and have a tart, sour trace, and oxalic acid odor. Although abundant and plentiful, carambola is yet to gain popularity, especially in the western world.

starfruit tree

Star fruit is a small, bushy evergreen tree that grows very well under hot, humid, tropical conditions. The plant bears small lilac colored, bell-shaped flowers in clusters which subsequently develop into oblong shaped fruits with characteristic five angled edges (sides or ribs) that appear like a starfish in cross sections.


Carambola fruit features light-green to yellow with attractive smooth waxy surface and weighs about 70-130g. Inside, its crispy, juicy pulp can either be mildly sweet or extremely sour depending upon the cultivar type and amount of oxalic acid concentration. In some seed types, 2-5 tiny edible seeds found at the center of each angled cavity.

Star fruit is not a common commodity but has a high nutritional value and is used widely in the kitchen. You can make great juices, smoothies, shake, or you can just eat it raw. Star fruits are best consumed when fresh, and it should be consumed within 3-4 days, or else the nutritional value dips. Store the fruit in a cool, dark place and cut it just before you eat.

Star Fruit Nutritional Value

• Energy 128 kj (31 kcal)
• Carbohydrates 6.73 g
• Dietary fibre 2.8 g
• Protein 1.04 g
• Vitamin C 34.4 mg
• Vitamin E 0.15 mg
• Iron 0.08 mg
• Fat 0.33 g
• Sugars 3.98 g
• Zinc 0.12 mg
• Calcium 3 mg
• Vitamin B6 0.017 mg
• Choline 7.6 mg
• Potassium 133 mg



Here are some of the health benefits of star fruit:

The high fiber and water content, low calories, and significant carbohydrate composition make starfruit ideal for helping people lose weight. They will fill you up and keep you healthy, which will reduce your urge to overeat.

Starfruit has a high amount of fiber that stimulates peristaltic motion and increased secretion of gastric juices, which eases digestion, prevents conditions like constipation, and protects the body from more serious conditions.

Starfruit is loaded with potassium and a low content of sodium. It is also known for its high potassium content.

A cup of starfruit contains 76 percent of the vitamin C daily requirement. Vitamin C is a potent natural water-soluble antioxidant that helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents and eliminates cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

Starfruit has a high content of magnesium, which is a mineral that is directly linked to improving the quality, duration, and tranquility of sleep.

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