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Alzheimer’s Cause: Too Much Stress

New study suggests that people who suffer stress severely will likely develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a condition of mental deterioration. It mostly affects a person when one is in his/her middle or old age – most likely in the old age.

People who have Alzheimer’s disease tend to lose their memory even to the point of forgetting their immediate family members.

Reading the description, for sure it is something that could awaken your senses. No matter how brokenhearted a person could be at one point in his /her life, she would not want to choose to forget everything and everyone just to bear with pain.

Yet, Alzheimer’s disease is not an option – you can’t say no when you have it. The brighter side is, one study suggests a tip that could help you get rid of acquiring this condition in your middle or old age.

New study shows that older people who are severely suffering from high amounts of stress are more likely to have this condition than those who take life with ease and optimism.

The study dug deeper on the link between stress and a condition called amnestic mild cognitive impairment. Aging 70 years and older, 507 adults were set as subjects in the study.

The researchers of the study conducted in Bronx County, New York determined the stress levels of the subjects primarily using a scale.

At first, there was no signs of amnestic mild cognitive impairment. At the end of the study, 71 already have it.

The result showed that people who had the highest stress levels have the tendency to result to memory conditions in the later years.

This modern world always drives us closer to stress and things around might always heat up its level. Nevertheless. It’s always up to us on how we deal with it.

Get inspired by those who see the beauty of the world no matter how undesirable it is at times.

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