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Satisfying people with its different services related to different fields, internet has been used widely by people nowadays. Internet helps people complete a wide range of tasks easily in just a few clicks. Everything can almost be seen and can be found in the internet nowadays. Social networking sites are becoming generally the people’s interest [...]

If airplanes tame the wind up in the sky, a snake-like of train moving around the land and giant cruise ships parade throughout the ocean, this Wooden Ferrari is another subject. It floats and moves along the river of Italy. It became sensational due to its uniqueness and surprising feature that the body made from [...]

The man behind this impressive extraterrestrial car is no other than Michael Vetter, 42 from Florida. Michael owns a custom garage The Car factory in Micco. The idea of customizing cars started when his daughter was born, when he was unable to put her car-seat into his sports car. He takes donor cars from paying [...]

How would you like to have the stars on your foot steps? To see it’s twinkling lights just beneath you? The feel of walking in a beautiful dreamlike night sky? This amazing swirling illuminated bike path was design by a dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde inspired by Vincent Willem Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” Daan Roosegaarde is [...]

Modern industry is fueled by technology. And virtual reality came to its existence naming, sensing the three-dimensional world for real. If we have big data like DevOps and Cloudbase Warehousing, virtual reality is another dimension of world that user can interact efficiently to experience new vistas of learning. VR video games immersing led by famous [...]

If you’re a car enthusiast, here’s good news for you. This weirdo artist built a car made entirely out of wood. Meet artist Isaac Cohen,63, spent his money to model his own design of car. If you look at the situation, Isaac makes difference in building his own car, rather buying a new one. Save [...]

Humans are unpredictable. When we imagine or merely think of something, we make them into reality. Take this for example, a tyre made from ice is no fantasy. Lexus made the worlds first set of working wheels and tyres made from block of ice. London’s Hamilton Ice Sculptors took on the project, attaching the frozen [...]

How great technology makes our life easier and comfortable. It infiltrates all level of our lifestyle from household to organizational function. But it’s not just there; they contribute as well in medical level. Today new equipment introduced to help cancer patients keep their hair during treatment. It is called “cold caps”. It is design to [...]

In 20th century, we almost feel that the earth is on the verge of too much exposure on global warming. Not just almost but very near to the highest level of too much heat. Every organization advocate ecological project or program to sustain mother earth such as planting trees, diverting energy source to natural energy, [...]

Ethernet cables are used for high speed connections between two devices such as computers and routers on IP networks. It is the most common popular form of network cable used for wired networks. When wireless connections won’t work, Ethernet cable comes to the rescue. But what if your Ethernet cable that you expect to save [...]