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The presence of technology now really changes the world today. There are many inventions and innovations done by to make the life people easier and more efficient. Now, the there is the so-called virtual reality or augmentation wherein the virtual and the real world is connected. A video called Hyper-Reality created by Keiichi Matsuda will [...]

tilt brush

Art has been part of the world ever since. Even the world itself was a product of art. No wonder why many people got inclined with art. Among the most common and famous kind of art is painting. Long before and up to now, many are doing this with different kinds of paint. But, with [...]

real life fruit ninja

Do you love fruits? Well, would you believe that there are people who wanted to just chop these juicy fruits? They are called fruit ninjas. Actually, fruits ninja is a really amusing game in smartphone. The rule of the game is to just swipe in order to chop those flying fruits into pieces. Just don’t [...]

homemade hoverbike

Many people really dreamed of flying and having a hoverboard. Hoverboards are normally seen in different sci-fi movies. These hoverboards in movies are commonly used in chasing scenes with all the lasers flying in the air. But with the current technology today, many have been doing everything just to bring the hoverboards into a reality. [...]

Many have been waiting for the availability of hoverboards nowadays. Yes, indeed, anybody who doesn’t want to have one? Most people especially guys just wanted to experience flying in the convenience of small aircraft like REAL hoverboards. These hoverboards have been already seen in different sci-fi movies before. Meet the Flyboard Air. It was made [...]

Many have already saw different space launches done to start a space mission. But, never a space rocket that can take off and land. You might saw this in sci-fi movies and in cartoons. But not in real life. Did you know that there is such a thing in this world? Meet the SpaceX CRS-8, [...]

Guinness World Records collects amazing information around the world from small to biggest, lighter to heaviest and most to less. This monster against the monster big bike will beat any of your monstrous vehicle which was confirmed to be the heaviest rideable bicycle ever. Eventually, bicycle have several unverified claims for the invention but the [...]

According to Houseplans.com, modern house plans became more innovative in terms of clean lines, simple proportions, open layouts ad abundant natural light. Flat or shallow-pitched roofs, large expanses of glass, strong connections to outdoor space and spare, unornamented walls are characteristics of Modern house plans. Modern style of home, turning outdoor space into alfresco living [...]

From Stone Age to Medieval era, our ancestors been using different machines, tools and equipment to make work easier and faster. A stone ax or daggers serves it purposes until every technology that around us came to life evolve every generation of its use. Over the years, these tools become more and more specialized. They [...]

As the world evolve around, technology develop so fast and some specs became obsolete. Various trend arises like mobile apps, responsive websites to smartphones, expansion of data warehouses stored into cloud, and virtual reality. The way this trend moved fleetingly change human lifestyle from good to more high quality living. Looking back on how storage [...]