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Check this out, not only in basketball field LeBron James a phenomenon but aside from his stardom, surprisingly he pulled a stunt of “Stone Cold Stunner” to sweep Kevin Love off the court. After beating the Knicks in Cleveland, on Wednesday night they made this crazy stunt during the post game interview and the bigger [...]

Grab your hula hoop and spin it around your body and you will make it through to do it perfectly like this world-class performer, Chi chi Revolver. Chi chi Revolver or China Olver, 28, in real life. She’s a proud holder of New World Guinness World Record after performing 112 rotations of hula hoop in [...]

Meet Martin Kristensen, the recent world champion of skydiving. He first accomplished his first jump when he was 13 years-old and master his talent using the art of free-falling. It has been part of his life together with his dad since 1989. During his first stunt, that was the moment of no return. Like other [...]

Hawaii known for its beautiful paradise beaches and gigantic ocean waves. Nothing beats kite surfing under Hawaiian rainbows. In Maui, kite boarding is a famous sport that windsurfers have their own spot further up wind. This two windsurfers, Jessie Richman and Patri McLaughlin hit Hawaii, in one of the world’s most notorious wave spot capturing [...]

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Kobe Bryant of LA Lakers are two legendary players in the NBA. They both contributed a lot in the league – Curry in his great come back in the last season while Bryant in every epic game for so many years – and undeniably, NBA fans can [...]

Wheel gymnastics is one category or type of gymnastics that originated in Germany. The wheel gymnast will do his or her routine in a gymnastics wheel that is also known as Rhonrad or German Wheel in three categories which include straight line, spiral, and vault. And here is one performance from Wheel Gymnastics World Championship [...]

Have you ever experienced going fast and you keep getting faster? To do that, you drive a car or a bike but do know what a vehicle travelling 200 kph looks like? Imagine you’re driving and there is a vehicle approaching and it travels at 200 kph. Can you see the picture? If you can’t, [...]

It’s NBA season once more, the season that every NBA fan is surely waiting for! We will once again witness every heated up match that will make us jolt form our seats and shout at the top of our lungs in real excitement. And here is a great start from the last season’s champion, the [...]

To put on an awesome show, this shockwave fires up its engine and puts on a huge flame all over the air that made everyone awe in amazement, but what happens next is totally terrifying. During the event Night Under Fire in Norwalk Ohio held in Summit Motorsports Park, this jet truck impresses every audience [...]

Billiards could be a difficult sport because it requires great expertise in achieving precise moves and accuracy in every movement of the cue stick. But for this kid, that sport is very easy as he got great control with his every shot. This kid is an expert in playing billiards and he seems to master [...]