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Dare? This is a real deal dare for a thrill-seeker Spencer Seabrooke, 26, from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, walk on a sky line of thin rope over a thousand feet of beautiful Shannon Falls, British Columbia, Canada without a harness. The short video shot on August 2014 which Spencer participated in highline festival involved athletes all [...]

As men take the lead in the battle, now women will have the opportunity to make a new set of record. At same month of July, both male and female attempt a record for longest open water scuba dive. In men category, Cem Karabay of Cyprus, Girne stayed underwater for 72 hours, recorded on July [...]

The time we meditate, we find a place where we feel comfortable and easy. Take khiv Raj Gurjar, 68, spent an hour everyday to practice yoga on a cliff while balancing himself on a BMX. He is the world finest exponent of extreme yoga. Fearlessly posing on a rocky outcrop near the city of Jodhpur, [...]

Avada Kedavra! and POOF! You got it. :) ;) “Magic is everywhere”, a line from a movie I’ve watched. Magic can entertain kids as well as adults. Truthfully, magic is an illusion. Experts do coin and card tricks to amaze the crowd within a tricky hand movements. For an A-list magician can easily figure out [...]

Nike is a multinational footwear company manufacturing a world-class brand of shoes. They are one o the top list sponsoring NBA players. They are also valuable sports brand in business industry. Their latest campaign is how a group of young athletes pick their favorite basketball player. They come up to visit the home of LeBron [...]

If you want adventure, say hi to Canadian daredevil cliff diver Nathan Roberts. He loves to dive in a rock filled cliff which he can backflips in the air before landing to the pool of water. taking into a new level of stunt, he jumped into a 110 ft high of Lynn Canyon in Vancouver, [...]

Basketball is one of the many sports men die for. They love to spend playing this game doing some slum dunk, three-point shots and exhibitions of lay-up. Sometimes a game in NBA will take overtime because of tied game between 2 teams and people cheered on their favored team. Last year a group of basketball [...]

In driving require a skill and control. You operate and maneuver the car with confidence. Drifters and stunt drivers often practice their skill in driving to control every turn in exhibiting performance. Last November 12, 2015 stunt driver Alostair Moffat, 37, broke the record of reverse parallel park of his Mini Cooper into a narrow [...]

Bungee jumping officially began in 1979. This stomach churning type of sport had a traditional form and essence to the natives of Vanuatu in Pentecost, South Pacific. Bungee jumping is Vanuatu’s famous land diving ritual called Naghol. The tribes practiced land diving for centuries in a ritual full of symbolism and spirituality. Men dive from [...]

Place him in any eating challenge he will be there. He wouldn’t just dare but took the challenge. Meet Yasir Salem, a renowned for his gluttony of competitive eating. Since 2008, on his MLE (Major League Eating) debut, Yasir spent his five years on the circuit without a championship title to his name. But on [...]