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Tiger Woods on water

Golf is one sport that many people are getting hooked in. But mostly, people who have enough money play this game. This sport has been played worldwide and there are also world championships being held and among these world’s best is Tiger Woods. Recently, being in a video game by EA Sports, Woods walked on [...]


Many people really wanted to play ball games. Well, among the world’s most famous and influential sports involve balls like football, basketball, golf, pool, and even ping pong. In order to master these sports, one needed to practice regularly and have enough patience. Doing trick shots on these sports could easily amaze anyone. Now, a [...]

The world knew a name in basketball that has been looked up until this day. Kobe Bryant. This year will be Kobe Bryant’s last appearance in the NBA before retiring. He played the game to win 5 NBA championships, 15 All-NBA team selections, and 12 All-Defensive team selections. To add, he also won a Slam [...]

It’s summer time again! And it’s time to do many activities such as water sports. Most people would want to go to the beach and do certain water activities like swimming, parasailing, surfing, and even riding a banana boat. Another activity often done by people is riding a jetski. Riding a jetski can be considered [...]

Anyone who enjoys any sport here? Well, most might love ball games like basketball, soccer, or even volleyball. These sports require great physical strength, lightning-speed decisions, and of course, hard work. Volleyball is a sport wherein it can be played by both men and women regarding the age. It is also being competed locally in [...]

If “Supergirl” is alive and real, she might congratulate freestyle skydiver Anastasia Barannik, 19, of Russia. Anastassia started to skydive at the age of 19 and on the summer of 2015, she decided to start competing. She formed a team called “Victory” along with her coach Alexandr Ragulin, a freefly world champion and Igor Kalinin, [...]

Some people were born lack of body parts such as arm(s), legs, eyes and so on, but in never stop them to live a life happily like a normal people do. Likewise, there is some people are born completely healthy without missing body parts or any complication. But then due to certain accident, few experience [...]

Fibfit and other fitness group set a goal of 10, 000 steps a day. in USA, Shape Up America founded in 1994 raise awareness to be healthy. Its mission is to be healthy in regardless of age. Exercise is essential to manage weight and to introduce the 10, 000 steps program. As the mission goes [...]

We are not always at the top called champion and winner. Each one of us have our own trial and error but in the end blue light awaits. Trying hard to make something new and beat previous battle but in the end always finding the perfect balance. Win or lose Belgian Red Bull athlete and [...]

A group of researcher went up to Mount Rainier’s craters in Washington led by Eduardo Cartaya, a National Geographic Grantee. There are 75 member of the team faced the dangerous expedition around the summit. The expedition includes of several biologist. They walk on the east side of the volcano to create a three-dimensional map, that [...]