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There is no dangerous place like Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. It is reported to be the most electric place on earth. Lake Maracaibo attracts more lightning more than any other place in the world. The lake can be struck by lightning more than 28 times a minute. Though it is the largest lake in South [...]

Talking about burn is painful. Right, everybody agree. There is usually 3 types of burn: first, second and third degree burn. Each has tendencies of effect on our skin. The first burn affects your outer layer of our skin which causes pain, redness and swelling. Second degree affects the outer layer and underlying layer of [...]

Beware what you eat, might contain millions of bacteria. In every place in houses, office or restaurant, germs, worm or bacteria lurking around that cannot be seen by our naked eyes.Some are deadly yet some are healthy. How this disgusting creature could ever survive in human body? A study published in Science Journal, eggs of [...]

As we breathe, do you know the science behind in it? Naturally, we do. Just imagine yourself if you cannot breath oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide, you are cold as ice. Scientists keep on searching and studying planets have similar features of earth, for instance the planet Mars. The curiosity of people leads to [...]

Hair developer is basically used to regrow your hair. This is commonly used on hair salons or could also be used at home. This had been very useful for those who want to grow their hair back and achieve that younger and fuller look. But who knows that hair developer can be more than that? [...]

The way human see the world is different from animals. The interaction of animals vision take into another dimension that only them can see. If you observe the dogs and cats at home sees things differently through ultraviolet light. Scientist may understand how eye works but what animals see is another matter. Eye evolution in [...]

In 2006 NASA announced Pluto is not anymore the 9th planet in solar system. International Astronomical Union agreed that Pluto wasn’t included because the planet must have enough mass to be spherical, must orbit the sun and have cleared its orbital path. When in elementary and high school students learn about the 9 planets, now, [...]

People who have a standards in lifestyle are always conscious. When you have a growing belly, you feel uncomfortable. There are times some of your friends will tease your “humps that bumps.” :) Then you will exercise to lose the weight. But do you know where your fats go when you undone it? When you [...]

According to World Health Organization cancer patients will raise up to 57% worldwide in next 20 years and the will combat to prevent it using modern treatment. The rapid growth brought by cancer is by growing, aging populations and lifestyle of people. The person who have cancer will undergone to three treatment vary to his [...]

When the ground shiver and the walls started to collapse that is simple sign of deadlyEarthquake. Approximately 500, 00 earthquakes occur every year that are detected and about 100, 000 earthquakes are strong enough to be felt and 100 earthquakes cause damages. The science behind these natural phenomena had been studied in centuries. The instrument [...]