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Have you ever experienced making a wish on a dandelion? Uttering your heart’s desire to this fluffy flower and blowing it until its fluffy hairs are all gone. This is very common for young kids and also for some grownups who believe in this or find this really fun. But for this guy, dandelions are [...]

You may have seen lots of videos of boyfriends pranking their girlfriends or vice versa. Those often reveal hilarious reactions, and at times, some of those do not end up as planned. But this silly boyfriend took his prank to a whole new level. He used a hologram ghost to wake her girlfriend in the [...]

When boredom strikes, we could think of silly things to do such as pulling a prank on our friends or parents, and to everyone whom we can think of. We end up doing crazy things and bring a bunch of laughter in the entire place. In this household, mom and her daughter thought of pulling [...]

Kids could be very playful and silly. At times, they play silly jokes on their pets, friends, or even on their parents. They are often amused by what they are doing and when we become victims of their silly jokes, we may get mad for a while but would often laugh hard with them as [...]

Imagine walking inside the museum then you come across a head statue enclosed inside a glass. Then you see a warning sign. It says “WARNING: DO NOT LOOK IN THE EYES”. Would you dare to look in the eyes of the statue or would you play safe. This is a prank which a statue, one [...]

Our workmates could be the craziest people ever. They tend to play jokes or pranks at us during our break time. They often burst into laughter, especially when the result happened as they planned. Just like these site workers who played a prank on some of their co-workers. They placed a fake snake in front [...]

As their primary caretakers, little children truly love their mothers and would not let any harm happen to them. They would often try to protect them when they start to sense that some people will try to hurt them. Just like these two Korean kids who truly love their mother. Their parents tried to prank [...]

At times, our friends could be very silly. They often play pranks or jokes to us that are totally hilarious and would bring the gang into deep laughter. Hanging with them somehow fades away our stress and negative emotions because they surely lift us up. But for this man, a friend is someone who could [...]

Nowadays there are texts and emails saying that you have won one million dollars or a brand new car and that you have to call the number that they provided or click the link to claim the prize. However, don’t fall for that. Why? Because this is one way that your identity will be stolen. [...]

Having a bad day? Are you stressed out? Can’t focus on things that you are supposed to do. Why don’t you relax for a bit? Oh wait, you can’t. Well then, I suppose you sit there and relax cause we are about to relieve you from stress. This is a prank where a hundred people [...]