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During the earlier days, children have been inclined and very interested in riding a bicycle. Riding bikes are known to be not that easy to learn because in order to make it move is to pedal below the bike and to balance. One also needs to control the bike itself. But, Google found out a [...]

You better dress yourself if you are going at events like parties. Parties are where you socialize with people, celebrate with them, and even throw a party trick to impress them. Speaking of tricks, here is one useful trick you can use for these kind of occasions: The Self-Tying Shoe Lace Trick. Since it’s a [...]

The trivial “flappy bird” went popular year 2013-2014. People got addictive from first try because they are challenged of the game. It was developed by a Vietnamese Nguyen Ha Dong that was published by GEARS Studios. This side-scroller game freaked gamers in controlling the flying bird between rows. In this video, JC prank his friend [...]

Counting months near April Fools Day prank, this hilarious video strip never count. From a hundred millions views from all over the world of internet users, watching it is worth a try. This time Spiderman come to real life and up to old tricks. Spiderman live on a park to show his “Mega-Ultimate Power” to [...]

If you wanna experience the most hilarious and exciting vacation trip and tour choose Los Angeles,California and book yourself in one of the prestige hotel of the city. Ellen DeGeneres might be there to give you a beautiful tour. Ok let’s cut it up. This prank video is one of her modos operandi as usual, [...]

At times, we are fond of playing pranks on our friends and they also do the same on us. This is somehow inevitable to people who are very close and who thinks of hilarious ways to add fun to every moment that they are together. But at times, our pranks don’t go as planned and [...]

At times, we and our office mates or co-workers are fond of making fun of each other. We often play silly jokes and pranks on them and they would often take their revenge. This is a bit common for workers who find time to enjoy and have fun in the middle of a tiring work. [...]

This little boy got a new magic trick and is very excited to show his entire family. He asked his older cousin to help him out with his trick but how it ended was way too far than everyone expected. This little boy got a water bottle and a black cloth for his magic trick. [...]

These service crews are doing their usual jobs on Drive Thrus, but their usual night was made extraordinary by this very unusual customer. These crews welcome their customer every time it stops by the counter window. But as they are about to serve and ask for its order, they are all stunned by what actually [...]

At times, we are fond of playing pranks at our workmates and other people. We tend to do silly things on them like scaring them, putting something in their drink, hiding their things, and other crazy things that we can think of. We would often burst into laughter and we just can’t help but laugh [...]