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underwater pole dancing

Pole dancing is not only just a just a sport but also, it brings entertainment to people watching. In order to do pole dancing, one needs to have great practice and courage to do it. Pole dancing it is normally done in a room with a pole but, how about doing underwater? This is what [...]

james reid and nadine lustre

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are among the top love teams in the Philippine showbiz today. Recently, they surprised their fans with their announcement of their “real score”. This became headlines in news and in social media. But, a video went out wherein James Reid has been figuring out how he could possibly hold her [...]

thepianoguys the jungle book

Music is such a beautiful thing in the world. Many say that it doesn’t age. Although there are so many genres of kinds of music all over the planet but, there is still a common thing – it acts as an escape from the real world. It is said that music can really affect the [...]

On the Philippine Bar Exams last year, a lady not only captured one of the top in the results but also that hearts of people especially boys as the topnotcher is a real hottie. The lady really caught the attention of the people even saying she’s the “prettiest” of all bar passers. Meet Mandy Therese [...]

Fashion is such a big even up to this day. Many will do anything just to be the most eye-catcher of all. People will spend much money just to achieve the best gown or dress to wear especially in a Ball. Recently, in the Met Gala, Claire Danes’ dress won the night in the Ball [...]

New York Toy Fair

If the is a toy that all ages really enjoy is a puzzle. Puzzles of any form, color, and shape, people who are interested will truly focus on it. Among the common puzzles known are Rubik’s cube and jigsaw puzzle. But, in the 2016 New York Toy Fair, new kinds of puzzles were there to [...]

dad-daughter relationship

Having a father and daughter relationship is among the most amazing and lovely things to happen in life. In the video uploaded on the YouTube channel of Benjamin J. Ames, you can see how his daughter ‘shush’ him while singing the song “Tonight You Belong to Me” originally recorded in 1927 by Gene Austin. Then, [...]

Photos can really mean a million descriptions depending on who is looking at. But, no matter what photo you are looking it, it still came to the magic of cameras. Photography has been part of history since photos taken using cameras shows the past. In photography, there are lots of techniques and rules needed to [...]

Three Guinness World Records In One Event

An Austrian domino group recently set three different Guinness World of Records in one event. The group did this on March 22, 2016. Their records include Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion (10,266 disc cases), largest stick bomb (40,910 sticks), and longest domino (40.14 m / 131.69 feet long). The world has seen [...]

powder paint slow mo

Seeing things in real slow motion can really stop even your time just looking and wondering what will happen next. Many people have already have seen videos and movies that feature slow motions. This really makes a scene more epic. Seeing time-freezing videos can easily make someone say, “Wow!” This is what the YouTuber named [...]