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drinking water

Water is really needed by the body in order for it to function very well. It is really healthy to drink enough water. Doctors are telling people to consume about 8-10 glasses a day. But, did you know that too much water consumption could really be harmful to the body? According to experts, drinking ice [...]

Crushing diamond

If there is one stone in the world that every woman (and even men) really wanted to have is a piece of diamond. Diamonds are the most famous and loved stones in the world. They are loved because of their unique sparkles and shine once light passes by them. They are also considered the hardest [...]


Food is such a necessity in life. One cannot live without it. Food is where the energy needed by the body comes from. That’s why, one must choose carefully what to eat or drink. Sticking to the healthy foods like fruits and veggies are always the best for health but, many foods right now does [...]

jeep in the sea

Vehicles are used in order to go to places one wants to go. This really makes life much easier. Today, because of innovations and discoveries, there are many kinds of vehicles how – small and big. Of course, most of these vehicles are for land transport and only. But this guy in the video uploaded [...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Many have loved the three amazing mutant turtles cartoons before. And now, with the technologies available, it is then transformed into a more appealing movie with the aid of computer graphics. Last 2014, the movie remake of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really captured the eyes of people And now, this coming June 3, 2016, [...]

If there is one street food in the Philippines that is really loved my many is the so-called Pork siomai. Siomai originated from the Chinese and it is then embraced by the Filipinos as time went by. Although pork siomai really tastes good together with other condiments, a famous doctor from the Philippines, Dr. Willie [...]

colombian skydivers

What activities do you love? Many people just love being challenged by some activities that are just heart-throbbing and exciting. Skydiving is one thing that will really challenge anyone. These Colombian skydivers just got the chance of their life. Not only skydiving, they used brooms and tried to catch a ball just like in the [...]

antibacterial soaps

One’s hygiene is just really important since it is an effective way to protect yourself against certain kinds of health conditions. That’s why, many are using anti-bacterial products such as soaps. Others use toothpaste in order to maintain proper hygiene. But, did you know that an ingredient in these products called “Triclosan” could lead to [...]

hottest cop germany

Cops are known to be tough and just abiding the law even men or women. They undergo certain challenging training in order to be fit for the job. Not only that they need to stay fit physically in order to attend to certain situations. But, this female cop named Adrienne Koleszar, 31, from Germany, seemed [...]

darth vader dad

Having time with your children is among the most precious and the loveliest things in the world. These memories will be treasured by children as long as they live. That’s why preparing for it is among the best things a parent can do. This is what a dad named Rob Lopez who tried wearing a [...]