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lions licking water off a tent

How would you react when you see two wild creatures staying outside your tent during a camping? You might probably scream in fear. This is what campers at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park recently experienced as there are two lions outside their tent licking the water drops. The campers just remained calm and just filmed the [...]

Southern Ocean Storm

In life, there are storms being faced by people. These storms can either break or make somebody. The good thing is that after the storm, there is a rainbow. But, in a real world, storms brings destruction on anything it stays on. And in the oceans, it brings waves and fear to people. Ships are [...]

Scuba Soldier

Isn’t it a great feeling when someone you loves and you long to see comes back in a surprise? U.S. soldiers are mostly assigned overseas sent as relieve to other countries. Not only that they sacrifice their lives in the battlefield, but also, the time to spend together with their own families. That’s why, in [...]

mega cockroach trap

There are so many games and activities that one can do when one is bored. Some people will just go for a ride outside, or even do challenging activities like surfing or skiing. But, no matter what activity you will do, the main purpose will be just to enjoy and have fun. As you watch [...]

dry ice dropped in pool

In order to know things, people will do experiments or even try it themselves. It is really natural for human beings to act like this. It’s just a natural instinct! Even scientists and researchers have done that. Now, what do you think will happen if a decent amount of dry ice is plunged in a [...]

kindergarten cop

In order to keep the peace and order of a place, police officers are deployed around. These policemen were trained well in order to cope up immediately in many diverse situations. They undergo certain tough mental and physical training. Serving the community doesn’t come on what age or size you are. Meet this five-year-old boy [...]

iron uses

In a world full of stress, people just wanted to accomplish things the fastest and easiest ways. Most people also don’t have enough time to do other things other than work. Iron is used for your clothes to look neat and better. But, did you know that there are other things you can do with [...]

100-year-old surgeon

Most people would love to live a longer life on earth. That’s why, many are doing everything just to prolong life. Many engage in health-promoting activities and eat nutritious foods. But, a 100-year-old retired heart surgeon named Dr. Ellsworth Wareham shares his secret of living a healthy and happy life. At the age of 95, [...]

brick wall illusion

There are lots of tricks and illusions in the world and even on the Internet. These optical illusions really trick the minds of many. Have you ever seen one before? Recently, a photo posted by a Facebook user named Arron Bevin really made a buzz in the social media because it is considered among the [...]

proposal in Time Square

Before getting married, many men will plan an epic proposal to their love one. There are lots of proposal ideas have been done that surrounded the Internet. But, a 29-year-old guy named AJ Hall made a really epic proposal to his girlfriend named, Nicole Pagano. The two had been dating for two years and AJ [...]