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Nowadays, we hear different cases of people doing bad things to other people.  It is like today’s generation does not give that much importance to their fellow anymore. So today, experiencing a good deed in front of the many will have a positive impact to others and will definitely catch attention from netizens. In this [...]

Hate is the opposite of love, and loves twin is forgiveness. Malala Yousafzai, 18, from Mingora, khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan and currently residing at UK create waves for her dedication for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize received last October 2014. Five years ago, she wrote an anonymous diary about her life under Taliban rule [...]

What you believe is what you are. If what’s your set of morals and principles is who you are. However, your set of principles does not apply to everyone. Whatever we see, feel, heard or think, all we can do is give our opinion and respect. We cannot tell others what to do even if [...]

If we think of war, everything is in chaos. Of course, which part of war that is in peace? People keep on fighting and firing guns and canyons. But little did they know the children and old people struggle because of life threatening weapons. Ami Vitale, a photojournalist capture a heart wrenching moment of war [...]

Valentine’s Day is very near and you surely can feel the love in the air. You can feel it even more when you start to decorate your room with fascinating Valentine-themed stuffs and when you think of great presents to give to the ones you love to make that day extra special. To help you [...]

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you surely get so busy about thinking of a great present to give to your special someone, to your friends or to your parents, perhaps, to make their Valentine’s Day much memorable. Those gifts will be extra special if they come with fascinating cards with sweet messages that they [...]

Mason jars are everywhere. They serve as containers for our favorite sandwich spread or for any cooking ingredient. They are ideal for storing some of our stuffs in the kitchen because these are made of glass and this comes with covers. Some make a good use out of mason jars by using it as a [...]

Looking for a great dish to serve your family for lunch or for dinner? This recipe is what you are looking for! Learn how to cook this very easy Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry recipe that everyone will surely love. Here are the ingredients: carrots broccoli For the marinade: thinly sliced beef soy sauce Shaoxing [...]

Some blessed people in wealth share their piece of good fortune. Sharing and being kind towards others is a beautiful feeling that cannot be bought of money. But not just being rich you can help others but anyone could do it. Of all the people in district town of Tenderloin, San Francisco there was a [...]

When the saying apply to best friends are best enemies, yet these two men wrote another story. They turn the tables. They became best of friends. We cannot know what would happen in life in every turn but retired police officer Ray Robokowski made a way to mend the chaotic life of Jacob Maclin, who [...]