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Love makes the world go round. Do you agree? And according to some, love do only requires two people who loves and willing to fight for each other no matter what. But is love really enough to sustain a relationship? That status won’t matter? In today’s generation, people has their own way of defining what [...]

Beauty is not all about looks. However, to other people appearance is a big deal. They cannot go out from home without a lipstick and make up, a perfect makeover get up. Yeah! Agreed that look is a factor in life. Who would not want to be pretty? Tell me and I will tell a [...]

A lot of news reporting an act of good deeds has been appearing every now and then for the past year. Recently, another act of honesty has occurred and got the attention of the many. Posted last February 12 at around 7:38pm, an honest man named Allen Tolentino posted something on his wall saying that [...]

We are born in this world having our own facial and body features that may be from our father or mother. We are very fortunate being born with complete body parts. Being able to use them however we want. Some of us don’t see the importance of what we have. Others may still complain though [...]

Sky’s the limit when it comes to love. No Prince Charming and Knight In Shining Armor or Princesses to Nick Vujicic and his wife Kanae Miyahara. As love no boundaries, Nick was born without arms and legs but it never hinder Kanae to fall in love with him. Nick never thought he would find his [...]

Mother’s day is still a long way but month of Valentine’s is here. Giving love is all that we’ve got aside from fame, honor and any achievements that we have. McKenna Stanchak, 4, serenade her mom Dianna with Martina McBride song “I’m Gonna Love you Through It”. A touching video uploaded on EllenTube and shared [...]

Love! Love! Love! So sweet to fall in-love, be love and to love. Close relationships are sweeter than any other food or things in life. Loving someone is beyond reach of explanation; for love is too deep to elaborate. If your lovey ask you, how much do you love me? Simply, the answer is eternal. [...]

Just recently there has been someone who stole netizens attention. An amazing jeepney driver from Muntinlupa City who spreads the word of the Lord to his passengers. Quite a different style but very catchy. This video that has been uploaded by Mark Zambrano on February 6 went viral online in just a couple of days. [...]

We are now living in a world with most of the people’s mind sets especially the youth are thinking that money is everything. That money is happiness. That money can make you a better person than the other. But have you tried asking yourself, is money really the only thing that makes the world go [...]

Would you actually believe that you could have your own home for only $11,000 ? Well, this story will inspire you to build your dream of having your own abode come true! Macy Miller who is an Idaho architect had this dream when she was still a little girl of having her own place. Something [...]