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Some people were born lack of body parts such as arm(s), legs, eyes and so on, but in never stop them to live a life happily like a normal people do. Likewise, there is some people are born completely healthy without missing body parts or any complication. But then due to certain accident, few experience [...]

Most of us have been raised by our parents. Some by only a mother or a father. Lucky are those who both their parents have raised them until they too have their own family. But before our relationship with our parents began, they too had their relationships with their own parents, our grandparents. Parents are [...]

As human beings living in this world, we are expected to do our roles in the society effectively. Since we were young, we are being sent to school to learn and improve ourselves so that we are equipped and ready when it’s time for us to conquer the real world when we reach a certain [...]

People in today’s society has their own perspective or beliefs on certain things. You can’t expect someone to do something just because it is what you think is right or it is something you want them to do. Expectation is one of the things that puts us in a situation where we feel bad even [...]

Nothing lasts forever. But the memory will always be there. Passing on to every generation. How do you love? What do you understand about it? They say love is everywhere but can you see it? Some say that when you love, you make each ordinary moment magical. You make sure that you let them know [...]

In every small act made a lot could change. In today’s generation, many people tend to take the easy side. Who wouldn’t want that anyway? But only few people has the courage to go an extra mile just to get to where they dream of. When we get to compare the people of before from [...]

Challenges is everywhere and anytime. It pop out like a surprise of the day. Sometimes it ruin your day, don’t know how to adjust and solve the problem directly. Your head is muddled of piled works and responsibilities. But do you know how to take challenges head on? It only takes a one word of [...]

Whenever, whatever or wherever friendship stays the same. The bond we built with our friends is incomparable to any treasure in this life. True friends are always there, from happiness to sadness and sickness and health just like marriage. Sometimes, friends will gonna laugh at you first before they help you. Isn’t that right? But [...]

In February 14 of this year, the world’s largest short film festival Tropfest returns to Sydney’s Centennial Park. Being held at different venues in Australia  each year, it is said to be a celebration of various short films with great stories from great storytellers like no other. Filmmakers must include to their film a signature [...]

We live in a world where everything is changing. From the food we eat, the way we dress, the society and everything in it. Everything has its own price. And that is why Money is what we look for. As kids, we were taught to study hard so that when we grow up we could [...]