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Big Friendly Giant! Everybody shouldn't Miss

The most loved Disney film has another remarkable movie to offer that we shouldn’t miss! It is in great hand of art that the talents of three of the world’s greatest storytellers – Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg are brought together to bring Dahl’s beloved classic “The BFG” to life. It is directed [...]

Read also: Without Arms They Can Do Everything Through Their Feet , Life Must Go On Have you ever experience a surprise which is not the planned one and actually happened without your knowledge? A scenario takes place only by chance not by choice. Life is full of mystery and surprises. Sometimes you will be [...]

We wanted to have a comfort life; a house to live, food to eat, a good job, clothes to wear plus the luxury a life could bring. We wanted to have something which can make our life easier and productive, a money could buy everything we want. A sporty car or a grand vacation in [...]

As religious devotee celebrates the Lent Season, it is a day of prayer, sacrifices, reflection, repentance, reconciliation and recommitment. It is a 40-day solemn religious observance in atonement of Jesus Christ’s lie in wilderness. During Lent, many Christians commit fasting of giving up certain physical pleasures or habits for a short period of this time [...]

What is “Lent”? Why Christians widely practice this season for so long? People are divided based on what they believe and feel. It can be a group of believers in God and non. Religion is a personal choice at mature age. All throughout the world the famous religion ever to be heard are Muslim and [...]

With arms or no arms these mother and son live happily like everybody. Linda Bannon, 36, the mother and her son Timmy suffer from a rare genetic condition called Holt Oram. The disability which caused them to be born without arms. To think you are born without arms is very hard such as doing household [...]

Do you have bad habits or simply a habits? Of course you are. Each one of us has our own habits that are so hard for us to remove. Habits are ways we use to do everyday. They are part of us. Having habits depends upon the given situation like children sucking thumb before going [...]

Most of the time we can often hear parents say that it’s okay for kids to do this and to do that because they’re just kids. Let them commit mistakes because one day they’ll just realize that what they have been doing is wrong. Do you agree with that kind of upbringing? Not all parents [...]

In human anatomy, skin is the largest organ of the body. It covers the body from head to foot which a total area of 20 square feet. It cover the muscles, skeletons and other systems of the body underneath which gave shape to them. It protects us from microorganisms and other elements, helps to regulate [...]

Being a human being doesn’t make you least among others if you have missing body part like limbs or fingers. You can still live a life you dream or chase your goals and make it to reality. Many influential people became popular in the field of art and music despite of their disabilities. It doesn’t [...]