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It isn’t easy having a friend who has a so called love life. Especially if you don’t get to have a partner of your own. Let’s face it. For some, being a single friend is hard. You can’t help but sometimes feel jealous, right? You go out on threes but it seems like only two [...]

Due to the more advancing technology, parents can now monitor how their children are doing by installing hidden cameras. This is for them to know what their kids are up to or how their care takers are looking after them. Rujeana, a mother of two decided to set up a camera of her kids in [...]

When a person is bored, he usually comes up with things that are most likely unexpected to become great. Just like these doodle arts on fingers that totally look cute and fascinating. You might want to try some of these. 1. Oh, darling! 2. I’m never drinking again. 3. Give me all your money! 4. [...]

At times, our pets can have the most hilarious reactions to some things. They look so funny and we just can’t help but laugh at them really hard. They are not only good companions but could also be great entertainers. That is why, we can’t help but adore them even more. Just like this funny [...]

Breathing is something that our body does automatically. In this way, we take in oxygen that our body needs in various functions, and bring out carbon dioxide which is the waste product of breathing. But did you know that breathing only is not enough? It is important that you take in deep breaths. Deep and [...]

Babies look so cute and adorable every time they smile or laugh. Their sweet giggles often seems to carry us away and laugh with them, too. They are truly so precious and we just can’t help but adore them even more. Just like this adorable baby who looks so cute during a playtime with his [...]

When you say “gibberish” means nonsense, trash or rubbish. One night before sleeping time, Sarah Forsberg videoed herself talks in different accent to show how people talk foreign languages sound to her. She mimics and imitates languages sound to foreigners who don’t understand them. After filming, she uploaded the video and woke up in the [...]

The trivial “flappy bird” went popular year 2013-2014. People got addictive from first try because they are challenged of the game. It was developed by a Vietnamese Nguyen Ha Dong that was published by GEARS Studios. This side-scroller game freaked gamers in controlling the flying bird between rows. In this video, JC prank his friend [...]

Hollywood is flooded of A-list actors and actresses. Some have iconic signature accents that have the ability to deliver a pretty high level of LOL. Once a well-mannered impression was made it has a potential to crack a smile from a crowd. It is not usual to copy or impersonate another actor or actress voice, [...]

Like a hurricane, DUBSMASH speed rocket up-high this year 2015. Flooding the social media with hilarious users from dubbing famous quotes, script from a movie, any sound, songs or commercial jingle. Anyone can be addicted in this new trend-trivia of social media. It is usually a well-organized lip syncing or you can personally download your [...]