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Fat Kid Did Some Trick In A Race: Look How He Did It

In school, we are exposed to certain activity that sometimes take us out of our comfort zone. Non-fluent speakers children encouraged to talk, non-dancers, are required to dance, non-singers plead to sing. This video however depicts a total crazy moment in school with a child trying to function out of his comforts zone. Ultimately, a [...]

Meet The Brightest Kid In The World

This is amazing! Steve Harvey interviewed the baby math genius on NBC’s show Little Big Shots which showcases the nation’s most extraordinary young people. In the video is Luis Esquivel, a 5-year-old math whiz who demonstrated his amazing knowledge of numbers. The kid is able to compute without using any tool other than his mental [...]

Rubber Band Amazing Use

The best thing to equip ourselves is to know about some of the survival tricks. Like imagining yourself trap in an island isolated to all. Of course, the isolated island will never provide you with the tools we used to have while in city, then that would be the time you will realize the essential [...]

Beauty and The Beast

Finally, then first trailer for the upcoming Disney live action movie, Beauty and the Beast has been finally released. This movie starring Emma Watson who will play in the lead as Belle. The teaser gives the first look upon the lady which is Emma Watson as Belle, on her arrival at the Beast’s castle. Also, [...]

Technology can be used in different things that can be funny, useful or even entertaining. Now, one can use technology in just a few swipes through their smartphones. Smartphones can have apps that are purposed in many things. Now, there’s a new trend that allows one to swap faces using an app called Face Swap. [...]

Technology has really greatly impacted the lives of people all over the world. It can be accessed through one’s fingertips. Smartphones have different functions and purposes. They can also be used in entertainment like doing a Face Swap. Now, there are apps in App stores that offers someone to swap its face with other people. [...]

Little children are being taught how to speak as early as possible. Some children can learn how to speak than the others. Most people would “baby talk” toddlers but, there are studies that show that doing that would make it harder for the child to learn how to speak. That’s why it is advisable to [...]

Many have already watched different kinds of race. Some already saw cars, horses, motorbikes, and even turtles. The number one goal of a race is to reach the finish line first. That’s why, race participants will rush their way in order to be number one. But, did you know that even things do race? Yes, [...]

Define awkward in your own description. A group of men in BuzzFeed staff tried to wear makeup for a whole one week in and out of work. They are straight men would put on makeup and see what their look. Few men favor makeup and others don’t. I ask some men randomly “Women with makeup [...]

How do you groom your eyebrow? Usually women groomed eyebrows through plucking, trimming, shaving, threading and waxing. It is a tricky fashion to women where it requires expertise to shape equally both brows. Others aren’t gifted of bushy brow instead using brow enhancer or make up tools to make it darker and perfect. It is [...]