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Over sleeping is considered as dangerous as smoking is. To some, sleeping is a foreign word in their vocabulary but to others most especially those who enjoy summer break at its best, sleeping can go from eight to eleven hours per day – over sleeping to brand it right. Sleep is a wonderful thing most [...]

First Night Effect

Have you ever experienced having trouble sleeping every time you are in a new place? Admit it. There are times that you really have a hard time falling asleep not because you’re thinking about something or you just drank something that causes you insomnia but due to the fact that you are sleeping in a [...]

New study suggests that people who suffer stress severely will likely develop Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a condition of mental deterioration. It mostly affects a person when one is in his/her middle or old age – most likely in the old age. People who have Alzheimer’s disease tend to lose their memory even to [...]

Dogs would usually go in circle before they sleep. Does it improves their slumber time? Dogs are considered as the animals that are close to human beings. They are even tagged as man’s best friend as they can go very affectionate to human. Further, several reports across the world have proved dogs saving humans ranging [...]

Recently, it has been reported that Zika virus can cause microcephaly. From the New Latin microcephalia, microcephaly is a condition of abnormal smallness of the head usually associated with mental defects according to Merriam. This condition could either be already present at birth or could start developing in the first few years of life of [...]

Are you fond of eating fast food? If yes, do you know the secret ingredient that might be present in it? Otherwise, read and continue your healthy living advocacy. Fast Food Chains are congested in downtowns and food corners nowadays. Buying food is never a problem anymore as the chains have left and right offers. [...]

Emojis Generation

Recently, modern advancement has finally reached the upgrade of smileys, it is called Emoji or Emojis as it has different kinds. The present generation couldn’t only be called the Hashtag Generation but could also be the Emojis Generation due to its profuse usage in the most common form of communication in the Philippines, messaging. Emojis [...]

Taking aspirin daily is found to be an advantage. Base from new recommendations sent by a panel of independent experts that were appointed by the state officials, daily intake of aspirin greatly benefits those who are venturing their 50s. Compared to the benefit acquired by those who takes aspirin in their 50s or 60s, those [...]

In a life of a student, or a workaholic professional, sleep seems to be an unfamiliar word. It comes very seldom and when it does, it never stays long. Now, are you one of those who doesn’t get enough of it every night? Have you ever wondered why your nose gets so runny in the [...]

Stop your brain cells from believing and cramming towards what the doomsayers speak about the newly-discovered planet. Stop spending sleepless nights thinking when would the Earth by crashed by that newly-added planet. Recently, a video contending an idea that Planet Nine could cause devastations to the Earth was posted. This believed-to-be-existent world in the solar [...]