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Parents are there to guide their children on their journey to adulthood. If the teachers are the 2nd parents, then the parents are the 1st teachers. However, there are times when the parent becomes the child and the child becomes the parent. Here is one example. This video shows that the phone is inside the [...]

We have our own New Year’s resolution. We make it as a guide on what we must do in this year. It makes us feel motivated and we feel like this is going to make us change. However, as days passed, we will lose that motivation and return to our old self. We became too [...]

You better dress yourself if you are going at events like parties. Parties are where you socialize with people, celebrate with them, and even throw a party trick to impress them. Speaking of tricks, here is one useful trick you can use for these kind of occasions: The Self-Tying Shoe Lace Trick. Since it’s a [...]

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to their art. There is a saying which says that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. It’s true in a way that we happen to be fascinated to something and when it comes to room decorating, we wanted to put a little bit of art. [...]

Okay, who wants a hot dog? Go buy one yourself and if you are too lazy to buy one, I already have two of them: One for me and one for you. Now let’s add some mustard and ketchup and let’s cut them in half in 3..2…1…NOW! Okay, we did it but why is the [...]

It’s time to take out the 2015 calendar and go buy a new one. Since it’s still January, I hope it’s not too late for a DIY calendar. If you are tired of buying the usual calendar, you can just follow the steps in this DIY and make one yourself. For you to make this [...]

Do you feel bored at school? Do you wish to make your school life fun? You can do that by hanging out with your friends or classmates or try making these supplies to relieve yourself from boredom. The title says they’re “Back-to-School Supplies”. However as of now, it’s a little too late to say it [...]

There is that one thing that each and every one of us want to find. It makes us feel good, satisfied and free from stress. This one thing is called happiness and we have it inside us. We just need to discover ourselves. Back when we were babies or little kids, we always find something [...]

It’s the twentieth day of January and it’s a little too late to make a New Year’s resolution. I bet one of your New Year’s resolution is to workout so you can lose your weight. Am I right? You wanted to become the new you so here is a 4-minute workout you can try whenever [...]

If you really want to create or draw something, you should try art school, pursue arts or try practice your own craft. If you are really into arts you must prepare the things you need like pencils, pens, a sketchbook and more. If you want to be more artistic yourself, why don’t you try making [...]