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Absolutely, a burrito is a delicious food. Indeed, it is. What if this burrito was made into a blanket for babies? Apparently, a designer from Vancouver made a thing like this. Corrine Leroux made a blanket for babies that is basically look like they are wrapped in a burrito. Babies into this blanket will automatically [...]

You don’t know what is inside a forest until you discover it yourself. You might be scared at first because of our imagination and we think that there are a lot of scary animals inside like, fox, snakes, bear and so much. But if we only put our fear behind our mind and set it [...]

We likely and mostly think that books are things for girls. Yes, we always see girls reading different books in different places. Boys on the other hand, we likely see them reading rarely. But a man that loves to read is a lot smarter. It could also be a plus factor for a girl. Seeing [...]

Harry Styles is a member of a British-Irish Boy band called One Direction while Taylor Swift is a solo singer. The two were dating 3years ago but the relationship didn’t last long. They were a lovely couple, though things changed for them and decided to end up the relationship. Taylor is apparently a talented composer [...]

Asia Tourist Destination List

Asia has many countries and each country has something to offer for a tourist destination that you might want to visit for your vacation. If you are planning for an out of the country  vacation and want to have some peaceful scenery, Asia has some perfect places to offer you. Here are some pictures that [...]

Have you been into listing your destination for your summer escapade with your family and friends? Philippine Island has something to offer to you if you are still contemplating about what places you should spend your summer days. Philippines has some beautiful white-sand beaches and wondrous waterfalls. Here are some places you might want to [...]

Basing on the generation today, lots and lots of children are very fond of gadgets and like to stay at home surfing and engaging themselves in all sources of social media. They even forget how to play some street games. When you ask them what game they play, they will answer you some games found [...]

Amazing Photos From Myanmar

Catharine Karnow from National Geographic says: “Myanmar is the most photogenic place that I have ever photographed.” That was a nice statement for Myanmar. If I were to travel someday, I would like to take photos of the land. I also wanted to witness the most holy golden stone of them. Myanmar is quite a [...]

Though animals can’t think the way humans think, they still have its uniqueness that only their specie can acquire. We do not underestimate them because like us, they have and play an important role in this world. Here are some of the most beautiful animals on earth. Arctic-wolf Flamingo Ara (genus) Bird Panda Bear Peacock [...]

How do kids really think about marriage or love? Have you ever been asking them what comes to their young mind when you say love or marriage? I was also wondering what love for kids is until this video was made. This video below is somewhat a kind of conference composed of kids. They were [...]