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From a rich golden doughnut to a nutritious malunggay pandesal, now a famous Instagram “Rainbow Bagel” is here for you. For food hunters out there, this bagel will satisfy your craving and no need to go to New York just to taste the bread. You will make your own and a few to share. With [...]

There is nothing more refreshing than the beauty of nature. An eco-friendly house with a complete supply of electricity comes from sun, water or wind is an ideal home to live. But what if the whole village is nature green? Perfect, much more perfect. An abandoned village in China is swallowed by nature. It is [...]

Cebu is famed to be the “Queen of Visayas” islands. It is a home of numerous scenic, beautiful and fresh nature spots that cannot be compared to any place. The very popular destination is the Kawasan Falls in Badian which is located on the southwest part of the island. Philippines is known to be hospitable [...]

As religious devotee celebrates the Lent Season, it is a day of prayer, sacrifices, reflection, repentance, reconciliation and recommitment. It is a 40-day solemn religious observance in atonement of Jesus Christ’s lie in wilderness. During Lent, many Christians commit fasting of giving up certain physical pleasures or habits for a short period of this time [...]

What is “Lent”? Why Christians widely practice this season for so long? People are divided based on what they believe and feel. It can be a group of believers in God and non. Religion is a personal choice at mature age. All throughout the world the famous religion ever to be heard are Muslim and [...]

If artist can paint, sculpt and carve, chef can cook anything for you. Their art is through spices for flavoring aside from garnishes and main menu. Through spices they can give life to any dish and allow chefs to be creative in their own cooking skill. Spices adds flavor on food we eat. The common [...]

Smile, pose, click-capture; the routine of glamorous models of the runway. Finding the most stylish models with a faces to die for and perfect body figure could launch a thousand ship like Helen of Troy. Glamour and beauty on stage of each supermodels is the figure of clothing brand they endorse like Karlie Kloss is [...]

Summer! Summer! What is so special about summer? Well, when the month of March start it calls for a celebration to children and youth. It means classes soon to end and summer approaching. Everyone is ready for a vacation. This is the most awaited moment for students to get away from busy life in school [...]

Guinness World Records collects amazing information around the world from small to biggest, lighter to heaviest and most to less. This monster against the monster big bike will beat any of your monstrous vehicle which was confirmed to be the heaviest rideable bicycle ever. Eventually, bicycle have several unverified claims for the invention but the [...]

At school, teachers are known to teach student many things from science to history, music to art, health to language and discovering their hidden talent. They are one of the epitome and good example to modern children to teach them various things. Aside at home children were taught and discipline, in school teachers are the [...]